The past

Our archives has provided documents in online way for those interested since the creation of its maintainer’s, the Diocese of Székesfehérvár, official website (2004). Our collection of charters and census from the 18th century were uploaded on the webpage then. This choice was justified by traditional professional reasons and also serving family tree – researchers and directing their attention to a not - well – known type of resource.
Change in the human resource of the archives made it possible for us to deal with digitalization in a more concentrated way. We initiated the union in 2013 that led to several dioceses’ publication of death certificates of 1944/45 (matricula.hu). The project – beyond its importance of social history – was a chance for testing and trial for many participants concerning the creation of online research service.

The present   

After these antecedents we set up the autonomous, online e - research. At first, we provide the duplicates preserved at the bishopric of the diocese’s parish registers older than 100 years.

Information can be obtained under the process about the type of resource.
Using online e – research is subject to fees, its income is used to sustain the system, and includes the right to download limited numbers of copies. (Researchers visiting our archives personally can access the data free, in offline method, meeting the archival laws.)

The future

The service initiated in 2019 will be expanded by opening a new year’s material year by year.
Soon other types of resources of greater interest will be accessible here in digital format.
We also plan to make our service accessible in world languages.