Information for registration


For researchers registering on the website of the Archives all the photo database of the service is allowed to be browsed.
Through the registration process our researchers can choose from the following access possibilities:

  • 15 days’ introspection – browser access (for data searches demanding shorter time) – 15 downloadable copies (jpg file) – 2,500 HUF / 7 EUR registration fee
  • 90 days’ researcher’s access – 50 downloadable copies (jpg file) – 5,000 HUF / 14 EUR registration fee
  • 365 days’ researcher’s access – 200 downloadable copies (jpg file) – 15,000 HUF / 36 EUR registration fee

(Registration fees indicated are valid from 4st Jan 2021, contain 27% VAT.)

Researcher’s access refers to the whole photobase of the service in every case, downloadable copies mean photos chosen by the researchers which can be saved as jpg files on the user’s computer.
The paying methods are described in the registration form.
Research on the internet can be started after paying the registration fee and confirmation of the registration. To fasten the registration process we request our researchers to send the electronic receipt of paying the registration fee in email to us, so that they do not have to wait several days for the information of bank letters, bookkeeping.
In case of further questions our researchers can get in touch with our colleagues at the Archives by email or telephone in advance.