Locally accessible descriptions

    • Index to the archival pile register between 1945-1993.
Its digitalization, gathering into repertoire – level is in process.

    • Basic inventory of the Chapter’s archives.
Manuscript, partial material from the 1970s. It contains archival numbers until 1850 in parts. (From 1850 the documents can be found in the order of year / accession number, without register, and they are searchable by revision; from the 1920s traces of thematic docketing attempts can be perceived.)  

    • Roll of the latest items of the manuscript collection
Register of the items taken in stock since the publishing of the repertoire. We would like to issue it on this website after corrections and making it up-to-date.

    • Catalogue of the photo collection in the archives.
It is in digitalized, tabular form. We would like to issue it on this website after correction and standardization.

    • Register of the typarium collection in the archives.
We would like to publish it on this website with the photo reproductions.

    • Piece -level register of letters’ and articles’ collection in the Prohászka – collection. In digitalized, tabular form.

(We make descriptions of different length on taking over materials from other institutions, like parishes, archdeaconry, inheritance, depository. These are accessible on location.)